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Sr.Clotilde Appiano

Died on January 8, 1968 at Mawlai

Sr. Clotilde Appiano belonged to the pioneering group who came to Assam in 1923, headed by the valiant, Sr. Innoceza; while her sister, Sr. Luigina, was one of the six pioneers who came the previous year to Tanjore in South India.

Their parents, Antonio and Felicita Musa gave five of their girls to be Daughters of Mary Help of Christians: Sr. Maria, Sr. Anna and Sr. Teresa were the others.

Sr. Clotilde was born at Turin on July 7, 1894 and at the age of 22 she answered the call of God. She made her Profession at Marseilles, France on July 10, 1916. After working in France for seven years she volunteered for the missions in Assam and her first house was Guwahati.

In 1926, this ardent and zealous Sister joined Sr. Vallino and Sr. Da Roit in starting the difficult house of Jowai. Poverty and indigence were the hallmark of the first house of Guwahati but here in Jowai misery was a tame word describing their condition. The orphans from far outlying villages were undernourished when they arrived and often were carriers of infectious diseases. At certain seasons funerals were frequent. The Sisters fought tooth and nail to save these little ones. After a period improvements were visible.