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The boarding homes in all the houses of the Province aim to help the boarders to an integral growth of a whole person. The boarding is a home away from home for all the inmates. By the practice of the Salesian Assistance, the Sisters are always with the girls wherever they are. The boarders are assisted in every way possible.

Admission is especially given to those from the far away villages and who have no avail to school nearby. In the boarding the boarders are formed not only intelectually but are also given moral and spiritual help to ensure the full growth of a human person. These requirements are fulfilled through regular Spiritual Retreats, Talks on various topics, Seminar, good manner class and coaching classes.

The boarders do help in the cleanliness of the school and the surrounding; here again through which imbibing in them the civic sense and dignity of labour.

Girls from all walks of life and different family backgrounds are residing in our various boardings in the Province. Mostly all the boardings of the various houses cater to the needs of the orphans and abandoned youngsters.