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Our schools follow the system of Don Bosco called as the “Preventive System”.

Most of our schools are for girls. Some with co-education only in the primary level. We also collaborate with the Parish Schools run by the Parish. We have Primary Schools. Upper Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Higher Secondary Schools.

In all our schools Catechism and Moral Science subjects are taught to ensure the faith formation and moral growth of a child. Co-curricular activities are part of the programme of the school. The students are also advised to join the different groups that are available in the school; such as YCS, LTS, Guides, NCC, Homeguard etc. Through the activities of the groups it helps the individual to become responsible citizens

The primary aim of our Educational Institutions is to foster and promote the integral development of the students, enabling them to become intelectually competent, morally sound, spirirually strong, physically fit and socially alert, capable of critical judgement and ready to face the challenges of life. Its endeavour is to form the students into good and honest citizens worthy of God and worthy of our brothers and sisters thus contributing to the building up of a society based on peace, justice and brotherhood/sisterhood.