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FMA PCI 2019 held in Shillong

The seven FMA provinces under the big umbrella of provincial conference of India met for their annual meeting from 20 – 22 August 2019 at FMA Outreach, Lumshyiap Shillong. The meeting brought together all the provincials, two delegates from each province and the national coordinators numbering thirty-one of them. Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil, General Visiting Councillor presided over the gathering.

The host province accorded the participants a warm and cordial welcome through a cultural presentation of the various tribes in Shillong Province. Sr. Lucy Rose addressed the gathering and marked the opening of the event. During the meeting the various sectors namely Formation, Education, Social Communication, Youth Pastoral, Mission ad/inter gentes, Salesian Family, Social Development, Women Empowerment and Young at Risk presented their annual report. On this occasion, Sr. Teresa Joseph, General Coordinator for FMA Centenary celebrations presented the preparation towards the commemoration of the hundred years of the arrival of the FMA to India (1922-2022). Apart from this the Sisters also had some sharing and enlightenment on the National Education Policy 2019 from Sr. Celine D’Cunha and Sr. Clara Saminathan. The assembly had the fortune of listening to the Provincial Chapter moderators of the provinces for the enrichment and inspiration of everyone. As a provincial conference the group had worked out some proposals to be sent to the General Chapter 24, which would take place in September 2020. A dinner out at the provincial house was a welcome treat to one and all. In a word, the meeting was a time of evaluation, planning, sharing and goal setting. The beauty of togetherness and family spirit was tangibly lived through the various moments of prayer animation, sharing and interaction.