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A Unique World Environment Day Celebration 2022 for Mawtnum Auxilians

Auxilium Higher Secondary School Mawtnum made an astounding impact by bagging many prizes during the inter school district level celebration of the World Environment Day 2022 at the headquarters of Ribhoi in Nongpoh. The celebration was organized by The Meghalaya Basin Management Agency in collaboration with the District Administration and District Project Management Unit from 2 – 6 June 2022.

The students took part in the various events like the debate on the topic, “Advancement in science and technology are the beginning of the end of our only earth”, the essay and drawing competition on the theme “Only One Earth” and the Science exhibition with the theme of the year’s celebration “Only One Earth – Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature”. In all the events the students have performed fairly well and won many prizes. Most remarking was the teamwork of Jesenta Kharkamni, Bankitlang Iangngap, Dameshembha Syngkli, Robika Rongpeit and Aiti Dashisha Deingdoh together with the assistance and guidance of their Science teachers have emerged as the 2nd prizewinner in the Science Exhibition. The two models exhibited were on living sustainably without wasting resources and energy and Vertical Farming. The first model highlighted the merits of rainwater harvesting, installing solar panels, segregation of wastes and the use of public transports for daily uses as a way to sustainability. While the other model demonstrated on the use of reusable plastic cups for plants, a jute rope and a reused plastic bottle for the Drip Irrigation being the most efficient water and nutrient delivery system for growing crops

The students have broadened their knowledge and self-confidence in such a platform and are grateful to the school for the opportunity given them.

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