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Twin celebration at Auxilium, Nandan Nagar

The lively faces of the Auxilians jubilate as they witnessed the arrival of Sr. Isabella Suja ,Provincial crossing the threshold of Auxilium Girls’ Secondary School campus.

The school sprouting with the splendid ornamentation showcased the effort spared by the Auxilians to make the celebration of the feast of St. Mary Mazzarello and the welcome of Sr. Isabella Suja, Chief Guest all the more special. A special ceremony was conducted to welcome the chief guest of the day. The event commenced with the illumination of the lamp and invocation of God’s blessings. Our beloved Principal Sister Celine D’ Cunha together with the Auxilium family enthusiastically felicitated the chief guest with flowers and risha which was followed by words of welcome by the school head girl Sreyashee Bhowmik. An enthralling cultural programme: a tribal dance, a fusion dance and a scintillating performance by the music club added to the glitz of the occasion. On this occasion a short message from our beloved principal Sr. Celine captivated each and every occupant in a majestic spell. Next came the most awaited moment of the day when Sr. Suja addressed the school with her inspirational words. No greater gift that the Institute could bestow on us than this! The feast day of Mary Mazzarello was exuberant with joy. Kritodhi Lahiri ,the school vice-captain delivered the vote of thanks which marked the conclusion of this consecrated occasion.