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Second Animator for Mawtnum Installed

August 18th, 2013 was a remarkable day for the community of Auxilium Mawtnum Nongpoh when they witnessed and celebrate God’s special love in the history of this Institution, the Installation of Sr. Mary Lamare as the second animator of the community.

The installation procedure was carried out by Sr. Elizabeth Thannimootil, Provincial Councillor in the presence of the  Boarders, Teachers, Sisters and the sisters from Saiden. The theme of the prayer service was “Light”. Light is God’s free gift, which enlightens the heart and clarifies the mind. It illumines the darkness. In the course of  the prayer service a big candle was lighted on the altar and the representatives from the sisters, Boarders and Teachers came forward with their candle in their hand and lighted it from the candle already lit up on the altar and place it around the big candle.

Sr. Elizabeth entrusted the community to the care of Sr. Mary. During her message she invited the community to be submissive to God’s grace that comes to the community through the humble instrumentality of Sr. Mary. She made them recall all the pioneers of the house especially Sr. Linda Horne and Sr. Celine Michael who toiled and consumed their life to bring up the mission where the love of God is shared much in action.

Sr. Mary expressed “I am not afraid because I know that all my sisters will work together with me”