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Media Smart Club at Don Bosco Press, Shillong

On 30th June 2012 the “Auxilium Media Smart Club” members visited the Don Bosco Printing Press, Shillong. It was such an enriching experience.

Many things are being done there. We saw how pictures and printing matters are designed and how they print it out in different sheets such as transparent and opaque sheets and how it’s processed from stage to stage. Huge machines of different kind designed for its specific purpose and how they functions were simply awesome. Everything was just amazing. Many printed matters are being done here.

We also visited the laboratory of motor mechanics. Br. Dianetious Fernandez gave us a detailed explanation  along our whole tour and made clear to us the different stages of book printing and binding. Having visited this press we are convinced that machines are really important and are vey useful to us. It speeds up our work and facilitates fine and good finishing. Without machines our life would have been different all together.

Kudos to the mastermind of the inventors of such useful technology!