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International Day to end violence commemorated

The heritage club of Auxilium Girls’ Higher Secondary School observed the “International Day to end violence on women and girls on the 25 November 2016.

The day was marked with the Morning Assembly conducted by the Heritage Club for the whole school on the significance of the day as to create awareness among students on the ongoing violence against women and girls and the need to raise our voice to end the same. During the gathering a song from John Lennon “Imagine” was sung and all recited a common prayer.

In the afternoon around 12.30 the students of Class X and XII assembled in the hall for a short programme coordinated by Sr. Joplin and Mrs. Paula Pakyntien  (Animators of Heritage club). It started off with a short speech by Sr. Joplin welcoming the students to the event and spoke briefly on the plight of many women and girls who are being trafficked and exploited in different forms. She spoke of ‘Human Rights’ in which everyone should know and demand for the same and encouraged the students to give this awareness to others so as not to fall in the trap of the traffickers and the exploiters. This was followed by a dance by the students of Class XII, a song by the students of Heritage club and video clips all related to human trafficking. The students were made aware of such an evil in the society and were in turn asked to create awareness in their own surrounding.