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Happy Teachers’ Day

“Teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions”
The sky was a little extra blue, clouds all white and fluffy, reflecting the happiness that we felt as we left for the beautifully decorated auditorium from our school ground to start the episode. It was the fourth day of the ninth month of the year 2015.The event started with the royal entry of Sr. Celine D’Cunha, our ever-smiling principal, followed by the showstoppers of the day our teachers.

We marked the beginning of the programme with the lighting of the lamp in remembrance of Dr SV Radhakrishnan.The melody queens of music club started the programme and took us to a ride of musical roller coaster. Followed it the students of class VII with their trip to Manali, the tiny tots of class III with their bollywood tadka and the masakkallis of class IV who filled the atmosphere with rhythm and style. After each performance the students occupied in the audience screamed “woo” in a very much Auxilian way. Teachers play a key role in our life which can’t be expressed in words and so was expressed through a dance drama by the middle-school students. After that, we landed to the game zone and had a lot of unforgettable fun and enjoyment with our teachers. Sr Celine then boosted us with her sweet words which are always so pleasant to hear. Then we proceeded towards few more mesmerising performances. These include the magnificent ballet dance by class VI, the superb bollywood and hip-hop remix by class XI, awesome trends of class XII and outstanding masti dance by class X. Then we had the stupendous and fabulous surprise item by class IX comprising of many edited songs put together and combined with mind-blasting moves which ended our rocking episode in an even more rocking way. Our dream transformed into reality and we had, by then already co-ordinated a programme which was enjoyed by all. Our hard effort was appreciated by both teachers and sisters. As we ended the day, a feeling of relief engulfed us because the tension was all over and we were able to live our dream effectively. It was indeed one of those memories that we will cherish forever in life.

The day our dear Sr Celine announced that we, the class ix-students were to co-ordinate the teachers’ day programme for this year, our countdown began. It was like a dream for us to hear the news of co-ordinating a programme. We waited eagerly for the grand event to take place as well as to get our dream fulfilled and show our gratitude towards our teachers and finally after two weeks of continuous hardwork, we succeeded with flying colours.