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Happy Feast

Give heed to your Mother speaking to you. Happy feast day of Our Mother and foundress St. Mary Mazzarello. A true icon of simplicity, humility and ardent charity.

  • Be punctual and observe poverty thus you satisfy God and your superiors.
  • Be always cheerful. It is the characteristic of those who love God dearly.
  • Where there is charity. There is paradise.
  • Be cheerful always, never hurt one another.
  • As soon as you realize that someone needs encouragement give it to her immediately.
  • Let every stitch be an act of love for God.
  • Love one another my dear daughter, practice true charity among yourselves.
  • You are in a place where you can gain much merit if you practice charity towards your sister.
  • Remember that a house where charity reigns is heaven.
  • Love one another with true charity.
  • Love your superior, think of her as if she were our Lady and treat her with much respect.
  • Be sincere in all things especially in confession no matter what it may cost.
  • One who truly loves Jesus gets along with everyone.
  • Mortification of the sense is the ABC of Christian of life.
  • Always tell our Lady your joys and your sufferings
  • She who loves Mary is truly happy.
  • If you are faithful to Jesus in life you will be happy for all eternity
  • We must compare our hearts to a garden if we cultivate it well, it will produce beautiful flowers but if we do not tend it regularly it will soon be full of weeds.
  • Let prayer be your armour to defend you from all the enemies of your soul.
  • Be obedient at home, diligent in your work, modest on the streets, devout in the Church.
  • She who trusts in our Lady will never be confounded.
  • Work is the mother of all virtues, when we work we have no time to entertain silly things.
  • Remember that the best for of apostolate is good example.
  • Remember the day in which you have not done any good is lost for all eternity.
  • Let us strive to be beautiful in god’s sight.
  • Be on the watch, because the devil vanquishes those who are vain.
  • There will never be true piety where vanity in dress exists.
  • Courage my dear daughter, Jesus must be your strength.
  • Let us persevere until death and resolve to become saints and quickly too.
  • The religious spirit alone will make you saint.
  • Show equal affection to all and bring humiliation to none.
  • We must neither be too much carried away by joy nor too cast down by sorrow.
  • Rejoice in the Lord always.
  • It is a great charity to serve certain individuals especially when pride threatens you.
  • It is not great things that matter but things that hinder perfection.
  • Speak little with creature but much with god. He will make you truly wise.
  • Be aglow with the love of god and practice the spirit of poverty.
  • Be of good cheer, have great confidence in God but very little faith in yourself.
  • Be of good heart for after a few days of struggle you shall enjoy heaven forever.