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First VTC Coordinators Meet

The 1st Annual Meet of the VTC Co-coordinators of the Province took place from 24-25 October 2015 at FMA Outreach. The meeting brought together 7 Sisters working in the VTCs of the Province barring the ones of Mawkyndeng and Mawtnum who could not be present due to unavoidable situations.

During the inaugural talk on the evening of Oct. 24, Sr. Isabella Suja, Provincial recalled the still celebrated words of our Co-foundress, St. Mary Mazzarello, “Let every stitch be an act of love for God’ reminding our Sisters that the work they do was the very first work of the Institute which must remain very dear to the heart of every FMA. Apart from organizers, Sr. Agatha Shadap, the General Coordinator of the Province and Sr. Wismary Kharbihkhiew, the Provincial Secretary were also present for the inaugural event.

The 2nd day was devoted to sharing the good practices, success stories, difficulties encountered, syllabus followed and the statistics of the different VTCs which was coordinated by Sr. Marcellina Sangma, the Provincial Economer and Sr. Gemima Pohrmen, the Social Development Coordinator (SDC) of the Province who were also instrumental in organizing the whole event. It was an enrichment for the whole group and a learning process as everyone felt free and happy to share about their VTCs. The group felt the need to have Regional coordinators for better coordination in the Region. Thus, Sr. Albina Pangchopi of Garobadha VTC and Sr. Lida Kharkongor of Nongthymmai VTC were chosen as Regional Co-coordinators.

The group then discussed the ways to make our VTCs more attractive, productive and job-oriented. Sr. Marcellina Sangma then introduced to us about the Micro-credit programme specifically meant for girls who pass out of our VTCs which will help them to begin their own productions in a small scale. The work will be coordinated by the Social Development Cordinator of the Province.

The afternoon saw all the participants glued to the Computer with enormous interest. Sr. Jenny Iawphniaw devoted her time to teach us basics of computer and most importantly guided us to use technology to make us more efficient. We were enabled to have a glimpse of best designs of modern fashion and fabulous dresses. Then a short outing to Mattilang Park was arranged in which we shared moments of relaxation together.

During the Goodnight, Sr. Marcellina Sangma encouraged us to go back with greater zeal to make our VTCs more vibrant and innovative without allowing the waves of difficulties to pull down our enthusiasm. We parted thanking the organizers and the community of FMA Outreach for this wonderful opportunity.