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Children’s Parliament of Mawkyrdep conserve Environment

On June 15, 2013, the children’s parliament of Mawkyrdep together with the young people of the village called Mawkyrdep Youth Social Welfare Association (MYSWA) and the NSS of Women’s College Shillong set out for a one day Tree Plantation in the village.

At the outset awareness on conserving environment was given to all present through speeches by the Headman Mr. Jivan Ramshon, Mr. Cosmos Ramshon, Mr. Toshan Kharbihkhiew and Sr. Rona Kharkongor from FMA Outreach. This day has helped inculcate love for nature in the hearts of the young minds. The speakers made the people understand of the need to protect and care for mother earth. Planting of trees in the village forest near the water source was the main event of the day. After the plantation of the two hundred saplings, lunch was served for all. The children were given the responsibility to look after the trees planted as part of their service to the village community.

The children were assisted by the elders of the village, animators of the children’s parliament Sr. Kyntiewlin Kurbah and Mr. Cosmos Ramshon, and President of the youth association Toshan Kharbihkhiew.