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AGS celebrates 68th Independence Day

Auxilium Girls’ School, Nandan Nagar, Agartala celebrated today the 68th Independence Day with splendor and youthful vigour. An aura of intense enthusiasm mingled with an abundance of patriotic feelings for our Mother Land seemed to hover over the Auxilium Sky and each and every heart of the Auxilians. The ceremony started with the unfurling of the tricolor flag with great solemnity and all in unison sang the National Anthem accompanied by music, breathing in the joy of freedom.

“Freedom is a gift, a privilege, a duty, a celebration and a challenge. It does not consist in doing what one wants to do but doing what is expected to do”, said Sr. Celine D’Cunha in her message to the school. She highlighted the message of the President of India to the Nation on the eve of the 68th Independence Day celebration wherein he emphasized the need for sound quality education system which is the bedrock of an enlightened society, urging everyone to live the core civilizational values and own responsibility to make India a clean country to honour the memory of Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary, according to the call given by our Prime Minister. She invited everyone to join hands to achieve these challenges as our commitment to the nation, for she reiterated the words of our President saying: “Now is the time for action!” “Into that heaven of freedom my Father” – a prayer by Tagore was intoned and the whole assembly implored God’s blessings on our Motherland.

To keep alive the flame of patriotism, the students and Teachers presented various patriotic items consisting of songs in Hindi, Bengali and in Sanskrit vibrating the air with melodies and rhythm that touch our hearts, taking us on a journey of culture, heritage and spirituality. Patriotic dances, such as ‘Maa Tujhe Salam’ etc. performed by the students swayed the atmosphere with grace and eloquence, giving us nostalgic feelings and enthused us with a commitment to be worthy children of our great Motherland India.

The short meaningful programme was ably anchored by Ms Trishta Choudhury and Ms Ria Saha and the programme ended with the words of thanks and appreciation by our Head Girl, Ms Shreyashee Bhaumik, who thanked everyone for their whole hearted cooperation to make this day meaningful and memorable. Chocolates were distributed to all the students to keep the day sweet and to keep the joy of Patriotism alive and vibrant.

The entire school campus looked colourful and mesmerizing with tri-colour flags in the hands of each and every student. The tri colour flags swaying and flattering in the breeze in the entire school building and the tri-colour balloons tastefully arranged and decorated enhancing the Independence Day atmosphere to a great extent.

Pride in our hearts, Memories in our souls

Let’s salute our Nation on Independence Day

Jai Hind !