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Adieu Sr. Mary Mascarenhas

Sr. Mary Mascarenhas, passed away on 5th February, 2013 at Fr. Muller’s hospital Mangalore at the age of 94. She had always been enjoying good health throughout her life, except for the past few weeks. For many acquaintances the death of Sr. Mary is quite unexpected and sudden.

On 27th December 2012, Sr. Mary had a mild heart attack and on the following day she was taken to Fr. Muller’s Hospital Mangalore by her sister since Sr. Mary was at home for the past months due to the ill health of her youngest brother.  A few days after, she got over the crisis, but was advised by the doctor to remain on in the hospital because her heart was weak. She was discharged on 23rd January. After the second check up the Doctor found her better and strong enough to undertake a journey, arrangements were made to take her to Bangalore Province for sometime till she is fit to travel to Shillong.  God’s ways are not ours, He had some other plans for her. On 3rd February, Sr. Mary took bad and was immediately taken to the same hospital.  Within a short span of less than two days Sr. Mary winged her flight to her eternal home to receive the reward of a faithful servant:  94 years as a Christian and 71 years as a Daughter of Mary Help of Christians.