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A day prior to the 11th Provincial Chapter

The 11th Provincial Chapter took place from October 20-24, 2013 at the Provincial House wherein 63 members represented the entire Province.

The day of recollection began for the 63 Chapter Members with a well-animated Morning Prayer and enthronement of the Bible led by the Sisters from the community of Mawkyndeng. The assembly was helped to reflect on the Gospel of John 4: 7- 28. It was a moment of intimate encounter with God as did the Woman at the Well. The sharing of reflections set the tone for the day, instilling in all a fitting attitude for the days ahead. Being Mission Sunday the theme of the day was blended with the Chapter theme which also deals with Evangelisation.

At 09:00 am Rev. Fr. Chunkapura Jose SDB gave a talk on the Chapter theme inviting all to begin the chapter in the spirit of the Magnificat and the Benedictus because – ‘there is so much to be grateful’ to God for all that He has done in our life, in our Province, in the Institute and in the Church. He made us to reflect together on the key words, ‘BEING, HOME and EVANGELISE.’ This was a very enriching experience kindling in our hearts renewed enthusiasm preparing us to enter into the Chapter with a positive frame of mind. The Chapter members were exhorted to own the Chapter taking part in it responsibly to ensure that it be fruitful and meaningful.

At 02:00 pm we gathered in the Chapel for the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Penitential service which was meaningfully animated by the community of Bellefonte. The theme of the Magnificat was creatively used to help us retrospect our past to prepare ourselves for the Sacrament of Reconciliation which followed immediately. Fr. John Kalapuraputhenpura SDB,  Fr. Lendakadavil Anthony (LB) SDB, Fr. Varghese Palatty SDB and Fr. Chunkapura Jose SDB were available to administer the Sacrament.

The climax of the day was the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 6.00 pm which was presided over by Rev. Fr. CM Jose SDB and animated beautifully by the Sisters of Jowai community. In the homily Fr. Jose SDB commenting on the first reading taken from Is. 60. 1-6 enthused in us the need to rise and shine in unity, love and companionship. He also expressed his good wishes for the fruitful outcome of the Chapter asking us to dwell more on the positive and forget the negative wounds and hurts. After supper, Sr. Linda Horne expressed the gratitude of the Chapter members to Fr. Jose for the enriching day.

Before the goodnight Sr. Gemima Pohrmen, the Chapter Moderator gave an elaborate account of the journey towards 11th PC 2013 with the help of a power point presentation. The day closed with the good night of Sr. Isabella Suja, the Provincial during which she convincingly brought about the various things we need to give up in life so as to create a home in our personal lives, communities and Province.