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6th Annual Meet of FMA Nurses

The Nurses of the Province gathered for a two day Annual Meet at Auxilium Provincial House from 10-11 October 2015. The theme for the Meet was “Consecrated to bless and heal”. Twelve Nurse Sisters have come together for a moment of sharing, evaluation and planning.’, ‘

The Annual meet was inaugurated with a short and well planned function in the presence of Sr. Isabella Suja, Provincial and all the Councillor of the Province. In her message, the Provincial appreciated and recognized the role and services of the Nurses. She said, “They are the first to work and the last to leave”. She defines a nurse as a unique soul who passes through someone’s life for a minute and impact it for an eternity. Further she also said that nursing is not a career but a call by God to share in God’s healing ministry. Soon after the inaugural function the group was enlightened by Sr. Mabel Dhar VSDB, President of Catholic Health Association of Shillong (CHAS). She initiated her talk with an introduction on Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI) and its strategic planning. She clarified that CHAI is a service and not a project. She continued the presentation on the topic “Promoting Healing mission in Today’s context”. She expounded on its background, its problem and its context.

The second resource person was Dr. Martina Marwein MBBS. The session was carried out in a homely atmosphere where a round table sharing, clarification of doubts and discussion regarding prevention and promotion of health and community setting took place.

This was followed by the evaluation of the annual report of each centre int eh presence of the Provincial Superior and two Councillors.

The final day saw the Planning of the Annual Programme 2016 which took a big share of the schedule. Just to break the monotony the Nurses had a lunch out wherein they continued their discussion and feedback of the whole event. The Annual Meet came to fitting end through a well-animated Evening Prayer laden with gratitude to all who have made the event a successful one.