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Superior General

Mother Yvonne Reungoat (2008)
Mother Yvonne Reungoat has been a member of the General Chapter for 12 years (1996-2008) and since 2002 she has given her service as Vicar General and also as the person directly responsible for the four large international communities in Rome. During this time she was the closest collaborator to the Superior General, Mother Antonia Colombo and she shared with her the
government of the Institute and the processes inherent to religious life and to education undertaken by the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians on a worldwide level.

General Chapter XXII (2008) elected her as the new Superior General, the 9th successor to Maria Domenica Mazzarello.

Mother Yvonne was born at Plouenan (Finistère, Francia) on January 14, 1945.  Degreed in History and Geography at the State University in Lyon, she taught first in the professional school of that city for 11 years.  She was later community animator and province vicar.  From 1983-89 she was provincial of the French province of Sacred Heart with headquarters in Paris.

Her broader knowledge of the Institute began in 1990, the year in which she was offered the mandate of delegate of the provinces of Spain and France for West Africa.  It was an appointment that allowed her to participate in General Chapter XIX held that year.

Her service of animation had begun during the preceding years as animator and the person responsible for the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians of her nation.  In 1991 she was elected Superior of the African province of Mother of God, with headquarters at Lomé (Togo).  These were the years during which Mother Yvonne gave preference to relationships with the Sisters, encouraged the communities formed by members of different nationalities to live the Salesian charism together in unity, though diversity.  She gave special attention to the young people in formation, knowing how to take on the poverty and suffering of the least, and the collaboration with the Salesian Family for the formation of animators.  Her capacity for the enculturation of the African reality was notable, even to the point of assuming its rhythm that appreciated the acceptance of persons and the total giving of all to the other person, to her story, to the time that is necessary to be one’s self and to express self.

General Chapter XX (1996) elected her as Visiting Councilor.  This was the period during which she got to know the Sisters of six Latin American provinces, four European and one Asiatic, that of Korea.

During the General Chapter of 2002 she was elected Vicar General of the Institute.  In addition to following the communities directly dependent on the Superior General, she coordinated the planning and organization of five meetings for new provincials, accompanying the collaboration of the Institute with the Cultural Association for Salesian History and in 2004 she visited the communities of the Madrid province of St. Teresa and in 2005the province of Our Lady of Africa, in the Democratic Republic of

GC XXII (the fifth Chapter in which she participated) gave her to mandate of Superior General.  After 136 years of Italian
Superiors General, from 2008 the newly elected Mother General of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians is French.  It is an
historical turn, one that links us to the origins of the Congregation.  The Foundress, Mother Maria Domenica Mazzarello, in fact,
had made her first visit beyond the confines of Italy to St. Cyr in France.